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At Metro Elevator, we understand the inconvenience caused by out-of-service elevators. So when you call us, we respond quickly. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective resolution as fast as possible. For extensive repairs, we can provide a capital budget plan and complete the project over a period of time.

Code Upgrades

Code changes require that all elevators in the state of Minnesota be upgraded by January of 2012. Metro Elevator has already successfully upgraded hundreds of elevators in the metro area. If your elevators don’t meet the new codes yet, call us for a free quote.

  1. All single bottom, hydraulic cylinders.
  2. Retroactive installation of restricted opening of hoistway and car doors, which prohibits the doors from opening when the elevator is between floors.
  3. Fire fighters service phase one (required on elevators with 25 feet or more of travel from designated level) and fire fighters service phase one and phase two (required on elevators with 35 feet or more of travel from designated level).
  4. Written maintenance records and annual inspection records are required.

Codes and Links

Metro Elevator is committed to staying on top of changes in our industry. If you have questions regarding code upgrades, standards or other information about your elevators, call us or click on the links below.